You Can Protect Your Loved Ones
From Secondhand Smoke.

There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. It's the cause of an estimated 49,400 lung cancer and heart disease deaths among non-smokers every year in the United States, and is known to cause asthma and chronic respiratory infections.

Take action to protect the people you love:

Today, with the right information and tools, we can make choices in order to breathe easier and live longer. Explore and find out more about how to provide clean air for all.

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Video: If you wrote a letter to yourself about smoking, what would you say?

People from across Washington state were invited to do just that, and a number of them wrote about the impact of secondhand smoke on their loved ones. While every letter is incredibly personal, each has the power to inspire us all.

Watch these Dear Me videos, and then learn more about how you can protect your loved ones from secondhand smoke.