Smoke-free Apartments and Condos

Going smoke-free saves money, protects your property and keeps residents happy.

Smoke-free housing is a growing trend across Washington state and the nation. For landlords and owners, the business benefits can translate into thousands of dollars in savings. And for residents, clean air can determine where they choose to make their home.

Learn more about how—and why—to go smoke-free:

  • Explore our interactive guide to smoke-free housing — Whether you are a property owner, manager, tenant or a condo owner; use this guide to gather information and downloadable tools to go smoke-free. (ADA accessible version available here.)
  • Read landlord and tenant stories about why they want no-smoking rules and their experiences going smoke-free.
  • Tell your story about going smoke-free or submit a photo of smoke-related damage.

  • Last Updated: 03/28/14

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